Bentley Mirrorshade

Owner of Friendly Arm Inn


Bentey Mirrorshade

Home: Friendly Arm Inn, Sword Coast
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic good
Wizard (Illisionist) 10
Rogue (Thief) 10


Bentey Mirrorshade was an industrious gnome illusionist who ran the Friendly Arm Inn. Once a powerful and famous adventurer, Bentley is now better known for his cheap ale and luxury rooms. For a list of the mostly basic arms and armor that he has for sale, see The Friendly Arm.

His wife, Gellana runs the Temple of Wisdom in the grounds.

Bentley had curly hair and a very large nose.

Always clever and alert, Bentley had a habit of humming when in deep thought and scratching his very large nose when concerned.

Bentley was never short of money and it was rumored he had a portal nearby that lead to an unknown location.

In 1346 DR, Bentley abandoned his life as an adventurer to run the Friendly Arm Inn after he and his comrades cleared it out.

Bentley Mirrorshade

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