Setting: Faerûn
Era: Year 103 of the Great War
Story: Not long after the sundering, there began to be a strange stirring in the land. Hundreds of creatures becoming “awakened” as if from a dream or a stupor. They all claimed to have felt it, “The Purity”, “Nirvana”, the “Birth-Matter”. Whatever it was, there was no denying the power it wielded as thousands crossed the Faerûn’s spanse in search of it. People from every city, all walks of live, eyes glowing white, flocking to Anauroch in search of this power. Nations fearing the unrest such a power would cause, especially in the Shadowlands, dispatched all their military to quell all who would stand in their way of destroying it. Others wanted to use this power to gather massive armies and rule the known world. Nations began turning on one another, the entire continent thrown into war. The tumult attracted otherworldly attention as well as Celestials and Fiends and Fey alike began making a presence in their own personal desires to sway the tipping scale of fate. The monks at Candlekeep have been studied feverishly trying to determine what this phenomenon could be, what it could mean. In order to make any headway in research, they need to know for sure, what lies in the Shadowlands, what this mysterious force might be. They need eye witnesses. The Magistrate of Baldur’s Gate has been sending for brave and noble volunteers from all corners of the world in desperate attempt to end the madness consuming the land. You have just heard word, and have answered their call. “And who might you be?”

Humans, Greed, and Ecstasy

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